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Tech is reshaping the world — and not always for the better. Whether it’s the rules for Apple’s App Store or Facebook’s plan for fighting misinformation, tech platform policies can have enormous ripple effects on the rest of society. They’re so powerful that, increasingly, companies aren’t setting them alone but sharing the fight with government regulators, civil society groups, and internal standards bodies like Meta’s Oversight Board. The result is an ongoing political struggle over harassment, free speech, copyright, and dozens of other issues, all mediated through some of the largest and most chaotic electronic spaces the world has ever seen.

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Welcome to hell, Elon

You break it, you buy it.

Nilay PatelOct 28

The Deauther Watch is the world’s most annoying wearable

A Wi-Fi-chipped watch with a single purpose: kicking people off their local networks with a deauthorization command

Chris PersonOct 26